Thursday, 7 July 2011

What do I do with....parsnips?

Parsnips something look like anaemic carrots. In fact, in Afrikaans, parsnips are called 'witwortels' (white roots) to distinguish them from 'geelwortels' (yellow roots). Because the yellow roots are more common, they are usually simply referred to as 'roots' (wortels).

However, they have a very different taste. I can remember being surprised to find them so sweet and not even slightly turnip/swede like in taste.

I have previously shared a recipe for roast parsnips, which is my favourite thing to do with them, but you can also:
  • Roast them with honey a la Jamie Oliver (who also seems to like them with cumin)
  • Add them to a salad
  • Boil/steam them as you would carrots. In fact, you could mix them together with carrots for a bit of interest
  • Use them in a soup as an additional ingredient - just grate some into your existing recipe
  • Use them as the main ingredient of a soup (or even this)
  • Make them into chips (which you can also do with carrots and beetroot, by the way)
In fact, in my research for this post, I came across an entire site dedicated to parsnip recipes. So I shall leave you with a link to said site and urge you to go off on a parsnip-fuelled adventure.


  1. Is parsnip also the same as horse radish?

  2. is parsnip and horse radish the same?