Monday, 13 June 2011

Themed children's parties: mice

Today is the last post drawn from this picture, you'll be pleased to hear. We're looking at the little mice on the left.

Thin, round biscuits such as arrowroot or Marie biscuits
White marshmallows - one per biscuit
Pink marshmallows - two or three should do the trick
Liquorice laces
Red food colouring and a cotton bud (q-tip) to apply it with
A little icing sugar mixed with just enough water to make a paste

Marshmallow on each biscuit
Add a tail
  • Using a dab of the icing paste, place one white marshmallow on each biscuit like so.
  • Cut the laces into lengths for tails and stick one end of each lace into one end of each marshmallow to serve as a tail. Save some liquorice for later.
  • Cut the pink marshmallows into slices and then cut each slice in half.
  • Using a dab of icing paste, secure two of these semi-circles onto the white marshmallow to serve as ears. They should be quite close to the opposite end from the tail (obviously).
  • Using the cotton bud dipped in the red food colouring, make three red dots on the front of each mouse for eyes and a nose.
  • Cut shorter lengths of the laces to serve as whiskers. I cut the whisker lengths in half lengthwise, to create thinner whiskers, but it was quite a faff, so you might prefer not to do that.
  • Using some of the paste, stick 'whiskers' onto the face end of the mouse.
Et voila!

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