Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Joan's overnight salad #1

You know how you when you're hosting a barbecue/braai for hordes of people, and you wind up spending all the time in the kitchen because you can't make the salads in advance? Well, not any more! A few years ago, a friend of mine gave me two recipes for salads that actually need to be made the night before. I kid you not. How cool is that?

I will share the second one next week.

This recipe is for a vast quantity - scale down the ingredients as required.

2 iceberg (or similar sized) lettuces, shredded
6 or so celery stalks, diced or sliced
Small bunch spring onions, finely sliced
Small packet frozen peas
Jar tangy mayonnaise
Garlic salt to taste
Parmesan cheese (some), grated
250g packet bacon rashers, fried or grilled
4 eggs, hard boiled and grated
Block of Cheddar (or similar) cheese, grated

Method (such as it is)
(edited) Layer all the ingredients together in the order in which they are listed, preferably in glass bowls to get the effect of the layers, cover and store overnight.

You may notice that my picture above shows the ingredients all mixed together. That was because I wrote down the recipe incorrectly in the first place. Having now seen the recipe posted here, Joan has advised me that the layering prevents the lettuce from going soggy. So that's what I've been doing wrong!

I have a third recipe for a salad that needs to be made in advance, but that one calls for an ingredient not readily available in the UK (and I'm not sure about the US), so I need to think carefully about whether there is any point in sharing it. Perhaps you can let me know: how easily could you get your hands on peach flavoured jelly (jello) powder? The block type is no use.

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