Monday, 16 May 2011

Themed children's parties: racing cars

The next in the series of themed children's party eats can be (just about) seen in the foreground of the picture above, on the right.

Finger biscuits
Icing sugar (about half a cup should do it)
Round sweets such as dolly mixtures, liquorice allsorts or lifesavers
Jelly babies

  • Mix up the icing sugar with just enough water to make a paste.
  • The finger biscuits are the body of your racing cars. Using the icing sugar paste, stick a round sweet to the front and back of each side of the biscuit. Don't get clever and try to position the tyres (tires) so that the body is raised, okay? We're going for an idea, here. So keep the biscuit flat on the surface or you will discover that you know lots of very rude words.
  • Chop each jelly baby in half across its waist, or maybe a little higher. Eat the bottom halves. Stick the top halves onto the finger biscuits about halfway along, to be the driver.
  • Et voila! Racing car eats for your party.

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  1. I remember having these as a treat at a party I went to as a kid, and want to make something similar at Little Moo's party I'm busy planning. I'm going to peruse your other posts to see if you have anything I can try. Thanks!!