Thursday, 24 March 2011

Carrot and sesame salad

Since we find ourselves newly (and officially, at least) in spring time, I thought I'd share a salad recipe. There will be more to come. It's a really easy one, but it does call for some ingredients that are not quite as common as those that usually feature here. Hopefully you'll forgive me just this once... besides, they're not completely weird.

This is another of the recipes I found the time I bought too many carrots. I can't remember the source.

4 large carrots
45ml rice vinegar (if you don't usually have a use for rice vinegar, white wine vinegar is almost as good)
30ml corn oil (if you don't have any, use olive oil or any vegetable oil)
5ml sesame oil (I'm afraid I can't suggest a more common substitute for this, and it really makes a difference to the taste of the salad. Fortunately, you can get fairly small bottles, and it works very well for salad dressings and Chinese food)
5ml toasted sesame seeds (once again, this is must have)
15ml (or so) moist raisins

  • Clean/peel and grate the carrots coarsely and set aside until needed.
  • Mix together the vinegar and the oils and mix through the carrots.
  • Add the sesame seeds and raisins and toss the salad until you have a roughly even distribution.

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