Friday, 25 March 2011

Edna's savoury tart

This is another recipe from the redoubtable Edna Allchin, who provided the Turkish delight recipe I shared a while back. I had completely forgotten about this tart, until it was brought to my attention by a mutual friend via Facebook after I posted said Turkish delight recipe.

What is great about this recipe is that it's a perfect way to use up leftovers (aka fridge fallout). You know: a couple of baby potatoes, two broccoli florets... that kind of stuff. It's a case of 'what do we have in the fridge/pantry?' Because of that, this recipe doesn't follow my usual layout.

In the picture above is one I made recently using a few leftover peas, a lonely baby marrow (aka zucchini/courgette) and the remains of a tub of sun dried tomatoes (because even I, tomato-loather that I am, will eat sun dried tomatoes). I completely forgot about the tin of asparagus tips I had bought especially for the purpose, but that's okay, too, because tinned stuff keeps, and I can use them next time.

Oven temperature

Ingredients and method
Pretty much any (savoury) leftovers: chicken, asparagus (drained), cooked/canned fish, cold meat, bacon, sweetcorn, leftover veg... you name it. If anything is still raw (as was the case with my baby marrow), you will need to cook it first. I sliced and sauteed the baby marrow. Yum.
1 onion, chopped and sauteed
250ml grated cheese (preferably mature cheddar)
Pinch paprika or cayenne pepper

Spread these on the bottom of a tart/pie dish. Then mix the following ingredients together. If you have a Tupperware quick shake or equivalent, this is the perfect moment to press it into vigorous service. Otherwise a beater, whisk or even a fork will be fine.

2 eggs
50ml flour
5ml mustard powder (I'm not a fan, so I use mustard seeds instead)
Pinch salt
250ml milk
30ml oil

Pour the mixture over the top of whatever you have placed into the pie dish. Bake for about 30-40 minutes until the egg has set, and serve hot or cold with salad and/or baked potato.


  1. So glad you used the recipe successfully, your tart looks great! Thanks for the tip with the sun dried tomatoes; my daughter gave me some leftover ones some time ago and I still haven't used them. (Most old single people don't cook too much for themselves!) Aggie

  2. @Aggie Thank you for sending me the recipe. Loads of people have thanked me for a new way of preparing leftovers.

    As to the 'cooking for one' situation, I can totally understand why that would be a shlep. I felt much the same when I lived on my own.

    One thing I thought might work would be to cook as if for two (or four) and then freeze individual portions. If you do that a couple of times a week, you can build up a fair stock of frozen heat 'n eats.

    Just a thought...