Monday, 7 March 2011

Guest posts

A while ago, I sprang on you - without warning - two guest posts from the kitchen crusader (roast tomato pasta and honey and olive oil cake).

You didn't flinch.

But I had one or two suggestions via Facebook from people who have met me in person, that the kitchen crusader is actually just me-with-a-pseudonym, because her writing style has similarities. I guess this isn't altogether surprising because we are blood relatives, and we occasionally discover startling similarities between us. But I assure you, the kitchen crusader is very much her own person. Much younger, much more beautiful and living in Australia.

Oh... and she eats tomatoes. I do not.

I am about to unleash upon you another guest blogger. Catherine's style of writing is different enough from my own not to be mistaken for me. Once again, we have much in common, but this time there is no blood connection.

She is a friend of mine.

Catherine doesn't have her own blog (yet?), but she loves cooking and baking and faces the dual challenge of being pretty much vegetarian (she does eat fish, occasionally) and lactose intolerant.

I plan to try out her 'orange' soup recipe tomorrow.


  1. Actually weirder than lactose intolerant, Karyn! I can't tolerate cow's milk protein - so I can eat any milk except cow's milk. So far I have tested and survived goat, sheep and buffalo.
    And for those who are interested, latcose intolerance attacks soon after eating, as it affects the stomach and upper intestine, while protein intolerance waits till you think you've got away with it, and then doubles you up with lower abdominal pain...